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Principal's Message

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to another great year here at Midway Elementary School/Learning Center! We are very excited to start the 2020-2021 school year and have many programs in place to ensure students have every opportunity to achieve grade-level standards and beyond. This school is dedicated to creating exceptional systems and promoting a culture of universal achievement where all students can learn while sharing the responsibility with our parents, students, and staff in making this happen. The elementary school implements and utilizes the following steps in ensuring students reach or exceed grade-level standards and expectations throughout the year:

  • A school-wide culture of universal achievement
  • Teacher/staff collaboration
  • Classroom lessons aligned to state academic standards
  • Classroom assessments that guide instruction and interventions
  • A system for easily managing data
  • Data-driven interventions, both academic and social

Through these systems, students are expected to obtain skills necessary to successfully advance and transition between grade levels and become adequately equipped to enter college if they so choose.

We look forward to a successful year with you and your student.


Yours in Service,

John Farley, Elementary Principal

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